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Be Tanned. Be Happpy.

With more than 7 years of experience in the Spray Tan business we can assure you best quality and technique to cover all your Spray Tanning needs.

Hi my name is Claudia Roman and I have been a professional spray tanning Artist for the past 7 years and also a Spray Tan instructor.

I live in down town , Miami, and as most Floridian’s I am in and out of the sun every day, in fact a bit to much. I personally care, as I’m sure most of us do, care about our skin and the effects the sun will have on us over the many years of over exposure.

I want to take care of myself and avoid the risks of skin cancer, as an lover of the sun I also care about the health of all my clients and the effects the sun will have on their skin, and that is way I’m involved in helping as many people as possible .

We all know Exposure from harmful UV rays, whether it from the sun or from indoor tanning beds is incredibly dangerous.

One of the hottest and most effective ways of tanning is now the full organic body spray Its fast efficient and shows great results that everyone is looking for. Spray tanning solutions are much more natural looking, do not smell and looks like the real deal with oust spending hours in direct sun light.

The spray tanning solution is derived from DHA which is found in sugarcane. This ingredient makes a chemical reaction with the enzymes in your skin cells to turn them brown. The higher the percentage of DHA, the darker your tan will be. This process only affects the top layers of your skin so this is why it lasts for about 7 days. Your skin is constantly shedding itself and creating new skin cells. This is why a really good exfoliation of the skin with a loofah prior to the spray tan is so important, not only will it make your tan last longer.

Happy tanning and we look forward to see you in your next tanning experience.