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Be Tanned. Be Happpy.

With more than 7 years of experience in the Spray Tan business we can assure you best quality and technique to cover all your Spray Tanning needs.

Gone are the days of sunbathing to achieve your perfect tan. Now, several people are turning to more convenient options that keep them tan all year long. Two of the most popular are UV bed tanning and spray tanning.

UV tans that don’t come from the sun are achieved in tanning salons and tanning beds. The UV tanning beds mimic the natural glow you would receive from sunbathing by using the same sun rays to darken the skin.

Risks of UV Bed Tanning
A UV suntan is just as harmful as one from sunbathing. This method of tanning will increase your risk of getting skin cancer. UV tanning can damage the skin, accelerate the aging process, is harmful for your eyes and even lowers your immune system.

A SPRAY TAN is a mixture of chemicals that is sprayed on and absorbed into your skin. The spray tan then turns into a nice brown color. A professional does a spray tan either at home or in a tanning salon.

Benefits of Getting A Spray Tan
Unlike UV bed tanning, using a spray tan mist does not contribute to your risk of getting skin cancer because it is not using any harmful rays to darken the skin. Applying a spray tan is easy and it will often look more natural than a glaring sunburn in the middle of winter! Spray tans are often presented as the safest alternative to UV bed tanning.